How to prevent children's kidney disease

2017-10-28 16:32Wu Yang

  Children's kidney disease difficult to treat, but not bad, if there are children with kidney disease in the home, be sure to early onset of treatment adherence in children, as parents not to children's kidney health for granted. Actually this group for children, the kidney disease prevention is very important also, scientific prevention can greatly reduce the risk of kidney disease.

  In recent years, the incidence of children's kidney disease is higher and higher, a lot of families of children with reflect their children to get up early have eyes swollen situation, to the hospital a check, just know is suffering from kidney disease children, but experts explain, not all eyes swollen is caused by kidney disease. If as a parent, you might as well learn children kidney disease prevention knowledge, reduce the risk, for children to create a healthy childhood.

  The occurrence of kidney disease is associated with many infections, at ordinary times should actively prevent colds and other common diseases. If the infection has occurred, or have associated with kidney disease, allergic purpura, for example, is completely can be cured, must be positive to give children a regular treatment, reduce allergic purpura toxin invasion to the kidneys and developed into the more intractable prevent allergic purpura purpura nephritis.

  Children's self-control ability is weak, the things around you keep things fresh, easy to play too tired, make the body function restoration, this increases the risk of the disease. Parents should cultivate the habit of children sleep on time, get adequate rest. Parents should play the role of urging, arrange and guide their children work and rest time.

  In addition to children's diets, shoulds not be too salty, many habits are formed in the childhood, especially on the diet habit, because the child as a child doesn't have the ability to choose food, feed their children salty food for a long time, even when I was a child did not cause any damage to health, after be brought up long-term excessive salt intake, also increased the children suffering from diseases such as kidney disease and high blood pressure risk.

  Finally, parents should note on increase or decrease clothes, infection is an important reason of children suffering from kidney disease. So often to the child to take a shower change clothes, in order to keep the clean skin, reduce skin infection caused by kidney disease. According to the climate change, according to the indoor and outdoor temperature, increase or decrease in clothes, neither let children wear too thick, also cannot too thin. Resistance in children was a child, not an opportunity to disease.

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