Rehabilitation case for PKD patients Ms.Ren

2017-02-04 14:01Wenyue


  Ren Xiaofang, female, 58 years old, a farmer.


  polycystic kidney, renal insufficiency uremia, renal anemia.

  Main reason:

  Interrupted facial and lower limbs edema for 10 years. She go to hospital after systemic weakness for 6 months.


  She is a senile women with long disease history, severe illness, but the cardiopulmonary function is acceptable, which provided a good foundation for the non-using of hemodialysis. Application of micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy positioning promotes renal and systemic blood circulation, clean kidney necrotic material, and gradually make the glomerular basement membrane repaired completely and the serum creatinine and urea nitrogen natural declining, which promotes kidney hormone secretion and make haemoglobin rises. I believe that through the treatment of micro traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy for 3 months to six months to make full use of its effectiveness, the patient's condition will be control more powerfully.

  The examination for Patients:

  Mild facial edema, moderate pitting edema on lower limbs, anemia, chronic disease face, poor spirit. Laboratory examination: routine urine protein (++), particle 35/LP. Routine blood test: blood hemoglobin 69g/L, serum creatinine 1045.2umol/1L,urine volume 8.21mno/L, urinary uric acid 520.4umol/L, liver function 71.58u/L. After coming to our hospital, she receives the combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine enema to increase intestinal detoxification.

  treatment effect:

  The fifth day in hospital, patients’ face began to change from pale white to redness, micro traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy has begun to take effect.The tenth day in hospital, patients’ urine began to change: in the past, the urine is pale and without any sediment, but now it is light yellow, and with a little sediment and visible flocculent metabolites. Review of blood on the twentieth day: hemoglobin 83g/L, urinary protein (+), granule 0-1/Lp, serum creatinine 727.3umol/L, urea nitrogen 27.69mnol/L, uric acid 327.6umol/L, liver function 53.22u/L, face edema all disappeared, mild edema on the lower extremities still exist. Discharge check on the twenty-seventh day: Liver function 33.91u/L, ruddy complexion, good spirit and the edema on double lower limb regressed. The disease condition of patients has changed a lot, she was excited to say: "I did not expect micro chemical penetration therapy has such a magical effect, which treatd me from a dying patient coming from a large hospital.

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