What is the reason of high creatinine?

2017-04-12 17:31Jin Liu
  What is the reason of high creatinine? Diabetic Nephropathy is easily from diabetes with hypertensive and high sugar in blood. While the appearance of high blood pressure as well as sugar,they do harm to blood circulation from which harmful and noxious substances is eliminated. Since lots of toxins are unable to exclude from body system,kidney function becomes weakness gradually. Fortunately,creatinine 3.3 is at the second stage that means your kidney function has not totally impaired . Therefore ,it is possible for such patients to regain a healthy creatinine level as long as taking timely and curable treatments. In China,a majority of patients or their relatives are willing to choose traditional Chinese therapies for treating kidney disease. On one hand,we all familiar with Chinese drugs or therapies and almost accept Chinese treatments when they suffer from illness. On the other hand,since it has thousands of years history from ancient to now and go through several improvements,which can be regard as a valuable fortune for all of Chinese people.

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