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2017-09-27 17:22Wu Yang

  The implementation of quality services, people satisfied with the hospital has become the inevitable trend of hospital development. As a private hospital, Shijiazhuang kidney hospital has always provided patients with all-round, the whole process, personalized, humane diversity of quality services, adhere to the "patient-centered, patients above all else" service concept, continuous innovation, Quality, to achieve a wide range of medical treatment, and effectively build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, so that patients really satisfied.

  Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a modern professional kidney disease treatment institutions, through continuous improvement of medical service quality, has become the domestic medical strength is more abundant kidney disease specialist hospital. Shi Wei, director of the hospital, said: "to meet the needs of patients, so that patients are satisfied with the hospital is one of the guidelines, so that the premise of patient satisfaction is the quality of medical services.

  The hospital to improve the quality of service, the development of practical implementation of the program, optimize the new hospital admissions for admission procedures, shorten the time for admission to the patient, and effectively "admitted to someone, hospitalized to do, check someone to accompany, Home visit ", patient satisfaction has been greatly improved.

  It is reported that the International Department of the hospital there are many foreign patients, these patients are mostly through WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and other fully understand the advantages of Chinese medicine to the hospital after treatment. The hospital will organize activities and foreign patients to spend traditional Chinese festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, so that patients can feel the warmth of home in a foreign country, at the same time, but also better to China Traditional culture spread out.

  It is understood that the hospital continued to strengthen the medical staff technical capacity training, strengthen the basic care. Monthly organization of medical staff collective training, broaden the knowledge, to promote the quality of medical services to improve and improve patient satisfaction.

  Chronic kidney disease has become a threat to human public health diseases, in order to popularize kidney disease health knowledge, prevention of kidney disease, Shi Wei, president said: "We often lead the experienced doctors to the community, parks and other public places to carry out large free clinic activities, Will be a number of kidney patients physical examination, and give some professional kidney prevention and health care knowledge, to provide health guidance, to the public to provide a convenient, eliminating the need for previous patients with more treatment problems.

  In the hospital ward often see the doctor and the patient excited communication, this is the unique "one on one disease" model, that is, doctors with easy to understand, simple and clear language will be the disease and pathology introduced to the patient, let The patient knows the principles to facilitate future physical recovery.

  In order to constantly update the concept of innovation, improve service quality, the hospital set up a multimedia service platform, and hospital patients to provide better and more comprehensive services. Shi Wei said: "The hospital through the micro-public platform for patient health counseling and patients discharged from the hospital, you can timely feedback on medical results and service satisfaction, in order to achieve a wide range of medical services, improve quality service."

  The hospital's WeChat platform in the long-term medical practice under the premise of integration of high-quality medical resources and professional platform service personnel, so that patients can be very convenient according to the disease consultation related issues. For patients who can not be treated in time to the hospital can save a lot of time, the disease control in the initial stage. Feedback more efficient, better for the majority of patients to provide services.

  Finally, President Shi Wei said that the diversification of medical treatment, improve the quality of medical services is a hospital survival and development of the key, the hospital will be in the hospital construction, medical technology, standardized management and other aspects of continuous innovation, making the medical level improve.

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