develop the responsibility of the nurses system

2017-09-27 17:18Wu Yang

  The hospital to develop the responsibility of the nurses system, from the patient admission, is responsible for tracking the patient's daily care, to achieve the entire escort service, that is, from the patient admitted to the hospital, small to grasp medicine, large patients to Chinese medicine treatment, every detail nurses will be responsible for the end The "It seems to be ordinary things in others, but in our view is not the same, the patient came here for treatment, we have other problems are resolved, so that patients do not worry about the patient can be peace of mind to receive treatment "Said the nurse, Wang, seriously.

  "To strengthen the professional knowledge and technical operation of learning, our hospital every week to organize a business study lectures, requiring nurses to participate in all, do a good job notes, and according to the study of regular business examinations, nursing rounds from time to time to ask questions Assessment. "Rongzhu Ren said, while the patient was discharged when the nursing department will be sent to seek the views of patients, patients in the process of medical treatment problems encountered.

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