Hospital Service of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

2017-09-27 17:31lily

The environment of our hospital is beautiful and it is the ideal place for treatment and recovery.

Our hospital emphasizeS on excellent service. When patients are hospitalized, they may be anxious and lonely, and get bored as time goes on. Our medical workers are patient, and polite, and responsible, and their good service will make patients feel like at home during the period of their treatment and their recovery. Our service philosophy is patient-orientation, namely customers coming first. We provide a variety of services for our patients to make their life here convenient and easy.

When some patients have to stay in bed and his family number can not take care of them our nurses will provide additional service, such as buy meals or getting water, etc.

When patients out-of-town come to see doctor, our hospital will send an ambulance to pick them up and send them back to train station when they leave. When patients would like a walk around Beijing or tour Beijing city, our hospital will send speical persons accompanying with them.

We also boasts VIP wards, which have one bed room and one bathroom, a full set of furnitures, TV, internet access, kitchen, etc. This kind of VIP ward will protect patients’ privacy to a large extent and will promote their recovery with comfortable accommodation.

In order to promote communication between patients and doctors, we will organize a seminar every month to get feedback from our patients. If there is any problem, we will eliminate it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us.

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