Carry out active service to enhance the connotation of quali

2017-03-06 15:09Wu Yang

  "These are our daily work of the Ministry of Nursing, and now has become our habit." In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine corridor, the hospital nursing director Rong said to the garden, the hospital to take a variety of measures to improve the quality of care services, To ensure that patients in the process of treatment assured and satisfied.

  From Jiangsu Yangzhou, Liu is a patient with acute renal failure, according to Ms. Liu's family, just learned that suffering from kidney failure, Ms. Liu is like a change like a person, every day particularly bad temper, Eat very little, always feel that they are alive to the family trouble, had several times the idea of suicide, but in the family constantly persuaded, before promised to receive treatment. Early treatment, Ms. Liu and who do not speak, every day with a face, never laughed, but later one thing completely changed the Miss Liu.

  "At that time the day is particularly cold, but also outside the rhythm of the rain, I finished moxibustion back is more than nine o'clock at night, I went back to the ward to see the black light, put the lights open, open the moment, my Tears on the next. "The day was Ms. Liu's birthday, nurses Xiao Hu is also from her family's mouth inadvertently heard, and my heart thought to her birthday, think of Liu from the hospital after the mood is not good , Just to give her a birthday to make her happy. Ms. Liu is very embarrassed to say: "Usually my temper is not good, you do not have a good face, you can give me birthday, really can not think of!

  Here, many as Miss Liu and Xiaohu this, from the beginning of the doctor-patient relationship into a talkless friend. It is understood that the International Department of the hospital there are many foreign patients came to China to accept Chinese medicine treatment, due to language, habits and other issues, the exchange process are nurses gestures to explain to patients. In the ward can often see the nurse to the patient to cut nails, wash your hair, etc., foreign patients are also said here with the same at home, and even here the "treatment" better, there are professional nurses to accompany care.

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