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2017-09-27 17:13Wu Yang

  As the saying goes: "What do not get sick", a healthy body once infected with pain, especially suffering from difficult to cure the disease, the heart will undoubtedly carry a heavy burden. "Difficult to see a doctor" difficult where? Hospital door is not difficult to enter, but the face of health care workers ugly, understand their own feelings of the disease more difficult. Disease has not yet rule, the psychological has been a big cut. Fear of treatment, fear of hospitalization has become a lot of sick "unspeakable". In response to this situation, Shijiazhuang kidney hospital in the provincial capital first, launched the "no cure, talk about disease," the principle of treatment, and provides that the hospital every medical staff must comply with and do their best to do.

  The main purpose of this work: to allow patients to clear the disease principle, understand the treatment mechanism of kidney disease, so that patients put down a heavy burden, no doubt to receive treatment. Specific work content is divided into four items: First, in the process of communication between patients and doctors for patients to infiltrate the knowledge of the structure of the kidney, and also indicate the functional role of various parts of the organization; Moreover, the attending physician according to the patient's different conditions, To clarify the pathology; secondly, to explain the patient after the examination by the experts and professors based on the results of the development of the treatment program; Finally, for patients to introduce kidney disease diet nursed back to health. Because, diet on kidney disease has a great relationship, must be based on different kidney disease to clarify the corresponding diet taboo.

  These jobs seem simple, but the actual operation requires all medical staff to pay a lot of patience. Because some patients have a poor knowledge base, or because they have never received such theoretical knowledge before, it is costly for them to accept these theoretical things.

  Hu Mingxiang is such a patient, the reporter saw him, is his hospital the next day, his inspection results have been through the analysis of the study group and developed a treatment program. Now, the attending physician Dai Shaofu patiently explained to him the knowledge of kidney tissue structure and the role of various parts. During the period, he also asked a lot of questions. Among them, there is such a problem to the presence of people are amused, he asked, "how much is the urine bubble?" Their own suffering from kidney disease 6 years did not even know how the urine bubble is going on! On behalf of the doctor really dumbfounding, feeling continued to patiently explain, "urine bubble is because there is a protein leakage, that is protein urine." Hu Mingxiang that suddenly realized, wake up.

  Yes! "Diligent study" is a virtue, it is precisely Hu Mingxiang this problem is highlighting the blindness of the people to see a doctor, do not seek the original disease, as long as the hospital to live. Like Hu Mingxiang himself said, "I have been sick for 6 years, and now until now really clear kidney and kidney disease, you laugh laugh, anyway, I met a good 'teacher' have to learn more! This is in our local hospital It is something that you can not think of! "

  Liaoning patients with Chung said: "Shijiazhuang kidney hospital is not only a place for patients to cure, but also a place of health, diet on the previous only know that uremic patients should eat more vegetables, can this to know, some Vegetables eat too much will be counterproductive.

  This work runs through the course of the treatment until the patient is discharged almost able to explain their condition and pathology, especially their diet must be memorized memorable. So that patients can be better discharged to their own "see a doctor."

  Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is so starting from the patient, always follow the "all for the patient, for all patients," the principle of professional ethics, so that patients with "transparent", no doubt to receive treatment.

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