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2017-03-06 15:17Wu Yang

  In response to the national "area along the way" development of strategic planning, practice Chinese medicine culture "going out" by the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital director Shi Wei led the organization of Chinese medicine experts volunteer team line 6, since February 7 in Nigeria For a period of 10 days, "Let the Chinese medicine illuminate the road of health" volunteer activities. Activities in patients with an endless stream, by the local Chinese and Nigeria patients welcome and praise.

  56-year-old Jervier Zamora by knee pain plagued for more than two months, accompanied by his family staggered into the clinic scene. Clinic experts for his acupuncture treatment and supplemented by acupuncture massage, less than an hour of his pain will slow down a lot. "This is the first time I try Chinese medicine treatment." Because I did not understand Chinese medicine before, I did not believe it was effective, did not expect Chinese medicine so effective! "Zama said excitedly.

  Volunteer activities held in Nigeria Abuja and Kanuo state, Chinese experts on-site use of acupuncture, massage, cupping, paste and other Chinese medicine treatment for those who come to the treatment of patients treated, a number of people not rushed to the scene of the clinic , In the expert resident to accept the examination.

  Among them, in the course of the kanuo state clinic, the clinic team by the state governor cordially received, he said that the two peoples are very good friends, China is a trusted friend, very grateful to the Chinese expert group for thousands of miles Bring health, but also allow more people to experience the magic of Chinese medicine.

  Shi Wei introduction, Chinese medicine culture has been the strong support of the state and the government, in the country "area along the way" development strategy background, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Chinese medicine" area along the way "development Planning (2016 - 2020) ", the development of Chinese medicine has risen to a national strategy, Chinese medicine" going out "has been in the best period of development, the hospital will take the initiative, as in the" area along the way "along the spread of Chinese medicine culture.

  "Chinese medicine treatment has been recognized and accepted by the international community, especially in the treatment of difficult chronic diseases have a unique effect, acupuncture, cupping, massage and other characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment more and more popular." Shi Wei said the hospital Only the International Medical Department will be treated every month more than 60 foreign patients.

  The volunteer activities for residents of Abuja and Kanuo, Nigeria, are specific actions in response to the development of Chinese medicine "one way". The aim is to disseminate Chinese medicine culture, Chinese medicine treatment and so on. , Recognized. Next, the hospital will also go to Oman, Saudi Arabia and other countries to carry out traditional Chinese medicine clinic activities, dissemination of Chinese medicine culture.

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