Kidney cancer recurrence rate high?

    2017-10-28 16:30:13Wu Yang166

     Kidney cancer is a high recurrence tumor disease, its high refractory and relapse rate also became a lot of patients and their families headaches...

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    How to prevent the occurrence of uremia?

    2017-04-23 14:08:09Jin Liu68

    The end result of chronic kidney disease is uremia, thus how important it is to find the methods to prevent uremia on the treatment of kidney disease. How to prevent the occurrence of uremia?...

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    The Common Pathogeny of Uremia

    2017-04-11 15:59:22Cindy243

    Nowadays, uremia is a kind of common kidney diseases which happens in high rate. In clinic, you can often see many uremic patients holding the medical certificate of uremia, but they know nothing about the disease, or the pathogenies of ure...

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    Early symptoms of uremia

    2017-03-01 15:53:32Wu Yang66

    Early symptoms of uremia fatigue headache fatigue, causing the main symptoms of this disease are impaired cell function, metabolic imbalance, long-term harmful substances in vivo retention caused by nerve cell disease, acid metabolism, elect...

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    Can TCM Treat Uremia Successfully?

    2014-05-13 10:22:36Cindy210

    As the rapid development of modern medical technology,there are more and more treatments to treat uremia. However,most of the treatments are just stopgap which only can relieve the disease temporarily. Besides,according to statistical data,...

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